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Fierce sea battle results heavy casualties in Sri Lanka

Nov 1, 2008, 11:12 Digg this story!

By Paul Emmanuel - TNS

COLOMBO - Fierce sea battle between Sri Lankan navy and Sea wing of the Tamil Tigers’ the Sea tigers resulted heavy casualties in Sri Lanka. A Dvora Fast Attack Craft (FAC) and a hovercraft belong to the Sri Lanka navy were sunk and another Water Jet SLN navel craft was severely damaged by sea tigers in the clashes that took place in the seas off Nakarkovil in Vadamaraadchi East Saturday morning from 5:15 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. Seven Black See Tigers also perished their lives in the battle, Tiger official told TNS

4 LTTE attack crafts were destroyed, 14 Tamil Tigers were killed and as many others reported injured in a fierce sea battle that irrupted between naval craft and sea tigers off Nagar-Kovil in the northern waters, today (November 1) at around 05.45 am, says the Naval Spoke person in the capital Colombo.

Sea Tigers intercepted a 20 strong Sri Lankan Navy flotilla escorting hovercraft resulted a heavy sea fight, says informed sources in Jaffna Peninsula. After losing a Dvora and a hovercraft, the SLN was forced to withdraw, towing the damaged Water Jet vessel, to Kangkeasanthu'rai (KKS) naval base, the sources further said.

SLN hovercraft

The Latest sea battle reported after the Sri Lanka's air force claimed on Friday that it bombed a base of the "Sea Tiger" chief known as Soosai. A day earlier the military claimed it had captured a Sea Tiger base at Nachchikuda, a village along the north-western seaboard of the island and on the south-western flank of the Tiger political capital of Kilinochchi.

Sri Lanka Army has launched heavy artillery barrage across the Northern Front following the sea battle, the sources further said.

The latest Sea Tiger attack followed by a Tamil Tiger air attack on the military headquarters in Thalladi in north-western Mannar District and the Kelanitissa power station in the Capital Colombo.

In a release they said, the Sri Lanka military headquarters in Thalladi suffered heavy damage in their air raid at 1020 PM and many either killed or injured in the air raid. They also claimed a successful raid on the Kelanitissa power station in the Capital Colombo at 11.45 PM. Our fighter jets returned safely to their base, the tiger release further claimed.

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